23 Scrumptious Food Recipes with Coffee Grounds

23 Scrumptious Food Recipes with Coffee Grounds

All coffee aficionados are going to be in for a treat of a post today as we have compiled this wonder list of recipes that involve coffee grounds as a key ingredient. Tighten your seat belts y’all as it is the time to indulge yourselves into the delicious delights of all what these little pockets of taste have to offer. We will be using them from rubs for steaks to tender and moist cookies. Any coffee enthusiast will simply fall in love when the sweetness and mouthwatering flavor of these delicacies tickle their taste buds.

1 – Cafe Mocha Cookies

This is an amazing café mocha cookies recipes invented by Table for Two and involves a delectable inclusion of coffee grounds. Get a look at the entire recipe here in detail.

2 – Coffee Sugar Cookies

Coffee Sugar Cookies have been taken to an unprecedented high by I Am A Baker. The flavor of the conventional sugar cookies has been splendidly amped up by the addition of these little pockets of delicious which we call coffee grounds. Read the whole recipe here.

3 – Coffee Rubbed Steak

This is an exceptionally different perspective given to the cowboy coffee rub by the 101 Cooking for Two. The impeccable rub is applied to their steaks to conjure a delightful flavor that will leave tantalize your taste buds. Find the whole recipe here.

4 – Coffee Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Toss in the appealing flavor of coffee into the already scrumptious dessert of a brownie and you get this astounding recipe carved out by Billy Parisi in a bid to underscore all the pleasures that coffee has in store for us. Here is the recipe for all of you who are interested.

5 – Decadent Mocha Muffins

These mouthwatering mocha muffins have been cooked up by Macheesmo. This ferocious looking recipe ensures that you have something worthwhile to fulfill your appetite for the morning breakfast, afternoon lunch as well as the evening supper. They freeze rather impressively as well. Find out the recipe here.

6 – Taste All-Purpose Coffee Rub

The team at the Pups with Chopsticks have come up with this delectable multipurpose coffee rub that can be used to massage any protein food and even the vegetables when they are being grilled. The rub offers a fantastic blend of onion, garlic and it is exceptionally light in sugar. Check out the entire recipe here.

7 – Coffee Rub Crusted Pork Roast

You simply have to massage the coffee rub on top of the pork roast to create an impeccable crust when the roast has been cooked up. This wonderful recipe by Budget Bytes ensures that you have high quality food to serve at your dinner table. Here is how you can make it.

8 – Coffee Crusted Steak Recipe

Steaks are absolutely adored by Simply Sated and she has developed this fabulous coffee crusted rub that imparts an unbelievably savory flavor to your steak. Check out the recipe in detail here.

9 – Gluten Free Coffee Granola

Veggie Inspired has created this amazing recipe that makes use of dairy and gluten-free granola for topping up your yogurt, milk and cereals. Read the recipe here if you are interested.

10 – Savory Mocha Rubbed Grilled Chicken

This grilling season has its delights in store for all of us and to up the ante, try out this delectable recipe by Bewitch Kitchen. The fantastic mocha rub will take the grilled chicken to a whole new level and tickle your taste buds like never before. Find out the recipe here.

11 – Soft Chocolate Chip Mocha Cookies

Cookie and coffee aficionados have got something to be proud of. It is time to enhance the taste of your traditional chocolate chip cookies with the enticing flavor of mocha. These soft and chewy cookies have been made by Marsha’s Baking Addiction and you won’t be able to resist their tempting flavor. Check out the recipe in detail here.

12 – Satisfying Espresso Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Everyone in your family will fall in love with this scrumptious and delightful recipe by The First Year. These rich and savory espresso chocolate chunk brownies will unleash their incredible flavor once you take a nibble at them. Here is how you can make them.

13 – Coffee Cake Muffins With Ground Coffee

Toss in the appropriate amount of coffee grounds and you get the perfect coffee cake muffins that your diners will not be able to resist once served before them. This recipe by Panthers and Peonies offers the wonderful coffee flavor in the shape of a splendid cake. Learn the entire recipe here.

14 – Coffee Rubbed Turkey Burgers

Ever imagined a team up between burgers and coffee? Well, the chefs at the It’s Yummi take turkey burgers and amp up their flavor with the coffee rub. Check out the entire recipe here to marvel your family members with this novel take on burgers and coffee.

15 – Shortbread Turkish Cookies

This versatile recipe has been shared by The View from Great Island. It is essentially buttery shortbread with a delightful blend of cardamom and coffee. Learn how to make these savory cookies here.

16 – Paleo Coffee Rub for Steaks

This coffee rub gels together a few key ingredients to boost the flavor of your steak and has been conjured by the Real Simple Good. Check out the paleo and gluten-free recipe here.

17 – Gooey Almond Butter Espresso Bars

Maebells have developed this amazing almond butter espresso bars recipe that involves coffee as a crucial ingredient. A wonderful delicacy to serve up to guests at your family barbeques during the summer season. Read the entire recipe here.

18 – Paleo Espresso Macaroon Muffin

This light and savory recipe by Cotter Crunch is a perfect solution to fulfill the appetite of those who love it when it is sweet. Learn to make the paleo espresso macaroon muffins here.

19 – Coffee Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

This recipe by Robust Recipe has really upped the ante when it comes to sweet potato fries. Seasoned with coffee, the perfect sprinkling of melted chocolate creates a delicacy that will blow your minds away. Check out the recipe here.

20 – Cookies and Cream Coffee Ice Cream – No Churn

Cravings of a Lunatic have come up with this splendid recipe that will unleash a flavor for the coffee and ice cream enthusiasts that will tantalize their taste buds. Here is the complete recipe in detail.

21 – Chocolate Dipped Coffee Shortbread Cookies

Submerged in white chocolate, this shortbread cookie by Dizzy, Busy and Hungry will make you fall in love. The mouth gets flooded with bold coffee flavor and its blend with buttery cookie simply leaves you yearning for more. Here is how you can make this scrumptious delight.

22 – Scones- Coffee, Bacon, and Dates

Hats off to the Flavor Blender for their innovation as they have conjured this fabulous delicacy that combines together coffee, bacon and dates to fulfill your scone cravings. Learn the complete recipe here.

23 – Coffee Chocolate Glazed Donuts

The coffee chocolate glazed donuts by We are not Martha offer an appealing taste that make you fall in love and wanting more. Check out the complete recipe for whipping up these delightful donuts here.

We sincerely hope that you will try out at least a couple of these delectable recipes and leave your diners absolutely astounded.

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